Whitestore Lite

“I have a lot of pictures in the computer and I would hate to lose them”

“Proposals, solutions, projects, offers, invoices – we need to have them backed up”

“We want to back up easily, quickly, safely and at low cost!”

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If you are solving a problem with large amounts of data, or their safe store and quick recovery, we have a solution for you.

Whitestore Lite is an ideal tool for online backup of your digital photos, home videos, movies, music tracks, documents, all files you can just imagine. It can be used not only in households but also in smaller companies to archive important data such as invoices, projects, documents to particular customers, graphic designs of advertising studios, etc.

The Lite version allows you to back up data from computers and Macs. It is equipped with modules for backing up files and Windows. One account can contain any number of devices and backup sets. Each backup device requires a separate Lite license.

With Whitestore Lite (in the smallest orderable size of data space 20 GB) you can backup safely e.g.:

  • 6.000 photos,
  • 45 hours of video,
  • 4.500 audio tracks
  • or other important and vulnerable data*

Backup from 2,40 EUR (excl. VAT) monthly (the smallest size of data space to buy is 20 GB). The increase of data space is possible from 1 GB.


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*1 photography 3,5 MB (JPEG), 450 MB one hour of video (DVD), audio track 4,5 minutes (1 MB one minute audio (MP3)). Values ​​are approximate.