“We´ve been using Whitestore in our company for the third year. It gives us a service with excellent price/ quality ratio. Our corporate backup of MS Exchange and SQL databases is fully automated, encrypted and securely stored off site. The most appreciated service is that the data recovery can be processed by ourselves quickly and easily, using a simple graphical interface. In case of data loss, we are sure that we can be back online and fully functional within a few hours.”

Jan Richtárik, company executive, CNC TVAR s.r.o.

“Our medical office runs almost paperless, so we have everything digitized. From the first time we have used the computers we´ve been backing up regularly. But the backup process was always very laborious without quality feedback control. As time progressed, the amount of data has grown, and I had no backup media, which would be able to store the data needed and I couldn´t safely take it away from the office. I bought a Whitestore backup system license more than a year ago. It runs without our intervention and we can regularly check what and how has been backed up. From my perspective, the main thing is that the data is stored off site and in case of theft or other destruction of computer equipment the data is safe.”

MUDr. Martin Kittler, 2-K DENT s.r.o.

“I´ve been using Whitestore program for data backup for several years and I am very satisfied with it. I work as a pediatrician and I store documentation of my patients electronically. For this reason, it is a necessity for me to have a quality back up of data on a remote server, which is also obliged by law and provided in the contract with health insurance companies. Whitestore program is very cost acceptable. Its user interface is simple, you just set the initial backup and then it operates fully automatically. Back up on a remote server provides security for even the worst scenarios, such as theft of computers, burn of the medical office and other unpleasant events. I can recommend Whitestore program by Whitesoft.”

MUDr. Daniel Dražan, Jindřichův Hradec