Monthly service fee

Data space size Price / month
10 GB for 30 days free
20 GB* 2,40 EUR
Additional 1 GB 0,12 EUR

Data recovery

Data recovery done by customer using Whitestore Lite / Pro client is free.


Consultation related to Whitestore system or backup and recovery in general, assistance in Whitestore client installation process, setting up data back up or data recovery is free of charge.

Service installation




Whitestore Lite
Each backup device requires a separate Lite license.

40 EUR

1 EUR / month

Whitestore Pro
Each backup device requires a separate Pro license.

100 EUR

2 EUR / month

Additional modules




VMware (Guest VM) / Hyper-V  (Guest VM)
Per Guest VM to back up

25 EUR 0,6 EUR / month

VMware (Socket) / Hyper-V  (Socket)
Per CPU socket

250 EUR 6 EUR / month

MS Exchange Mail Level Backup
Per mailbox to back up

15 EUR 0,4 EUR / month

MS Office 365 Exchange Online Backup
Per account to back up

10 EUR 0,4 EUR / month

NAS Synology / QNAP
Per Whitestore Pro account that needs to back up NAS device

20 EUR 0,4 EUR / month

Mobile device
Per Whitestore Pro account that needs to back up mobile device

15 EUR 0,4 EUR / month

OpenDirect / Granular Restore
Per file / virtual machine backup set

10 EUR 0,4 EUR / month

VAT not included.
*Minimal orderable backup data space.

Who are our customers?

In addition to common users who use Whitestore for backup of digital photos, movies, home videos, music, documents, etc., these are especially:

Tax advisors

for applications:

  • BMD Consult (BMD)
  • Daňová kancelář (ATLAS software a. s.)
  • TaxEdit 3 (CÍGLER SOFTWARE, a.s.)
  • Tax (STORMWARE s.r.o.)
  • and others


for applications:

  • Caseware Working Papers (CaseWare)
  • DATEV-AUDIT ( s.r.o.)
  • Faust (Fragaria s.r.o.)
  • IDEA (CaseWare)
  • and others


for applications:

  • Abra (ABRA Software a.s.)
  • BYZNYS ERP (J.K.R. spol. s r.o.)
  • Helios Orange, Helios Green, Helios Red (Asseco Solutions, a.s.)
  • Money S3, Money S4, Money S5 (CÍGLER SOFTWARE, a.s.)
  • Microsoft Navision (Microsoft)
  • Pohoda (STORMWARE s.r.o.)
  • SAP Business One (SAP)
  • iScala (Epicor Software Czech s.r.o.)
  • K2 (K2 atmitec s.r.o.)
  • and others


for applications:

  • PC DENT (CompuGroup Medical Česká republika s.r.o.)
  • Dr. HELP (KPK software)
  • WinMed (DATA-PLAN BOHEMIA s.r.o.)
  • UNIS, Orpheus, Radius, Amadeus, Prometheus (Steiner, s.r.o.)
  • Amicus (CompuGroup Medical Česká republika s.r.o.)
  • and others