Who are our customers?

In addition to common users who use Whitestore for backup of digital photos, movies, home videos, music, documents, etc., these are especially:

Tax advisors

for applications:

  • BMD Consult (BMD)
  • Daňová kancelář (ATLAS software a. s.)
  • TaxEdit 3 (CÍGLER SOFTWARE, a.s.)
  • Tax (STORMWARE s.r.o.)
  • and others


for applications:

  • Caseware Working Papers (CaseWare)
  • DATEV-AUDIT (DATEV.cz s.r.o.)
  • Faust (Fragaria s.r.o.)
  • IDEA (CaseWare)
  • and others


for applications:

  • Abra (ABRA Software a.s.)
  • BYZNYS ERP (J.K.R. spol. s r.o.)
  • Helios Orange, Helios Green, Helios Red (Asseco Solutions, a.s.)
  • Money S3, Money S4, Money S5 (CÍGLER SOFTWARE, a.s.)
  • Microsoft Navision (Microsoft)
  • Pohoda (STORMWARE s.r.o.)
  • SAP Business One (SAP)
  • iScala (Epicor Software Czech s.r.o.)
  • K2 (K2 atmitec s.r.o.)
  • and others


for applications:

  • PC DENT (CompuGroup Medical Česká republika s.r.o.)
  • Dr. HELP (KPK software)
  • WinMed (DATA-PLAN BOHEMIA s.r.o.)
  • UNIS, Orpheus, Radius, Amadeus, Prometheus (Steiner, s.r.o.)
  • and others



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