Whitestore Pro

“We do not want to invest in our own high-capacity storages and care for them”

“We need reliable and fast data backup solution for our company”

“We back up not only files but also Lotus Domino server, MS Exchange Server, MS SQL Server, ...”

If you are solving a problem with large amounts of data in your company and you need to back up both; client stations and servers, we have a solution for you.

Whitestore Pro is designed to back up and manage data from multiple devices.

It is an ideal tool for small and medium sized companies that need to be safe in their employees' data from each computer and data from a mail server, database server, etc., thus a complete backup of corporate data. Whitestore Pro can also be used in homes with multiple computers.

Pro version is designed for back up of various data from multiple devices under one account into a common data storage, typically several servers or workstations in a company. One account (one license) is for any number of computers.

With Whitestore Pro you can backup safely e.g.:

  • files of all types
  • Windows system image bare metal backup
  • MS Outlook / Outlook Express
  • MS Exchange Server
  • MS Exchange at mail level *
  • MS SQL Server
  • MS Sharepoint Server
  • MS Hyper-V Server *
  • Vmware *
  • Oracle Database  
  • IBM Domino server  
  • IBM Notes client  
  • MySQL  
  • ShadowProtect System

* It requires buying separately licensed modules.

Backup from 2,40 EUR (excl. VAT) monthly (the smallest size of data space to buy is 20 GB). The increase of data space is possible from 1 GB.


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