About Whitestore service

Whitestore is a modern and secure backup system, based on principle of online data backup and restore with an easy administration in English / Czech and a unique price / data security rate.

It is an ideal solution for all willing to backup their data at high level while keeping minimal acquisition and low maintenance costs.

Whether you are thinking about backup of several files, hundreds of documents, thousands of photos and videos or data of the entire company, including servers, Whitestore has the right solution for everyone.

Whitestore exists in two versions: Lite and Pro

Lite version is intended for individual back up of files from one computer, typically your home computer or company laptop. One account (one license) is for one computer.

Pro version is designed for back up of various data from multiple devices under one account into a common data storage, typically several servers or workstations in a company. One account (one license) is for any number of computers.

Detailed differences between these two versions are listed in the table. More information can be found in FAQ.

Comparison Whitestore Lite and Pro version of backup possibilities




Backup Common Operating System, Database Applications and Files
All file types
Windows system image bare metal backup
MS Outlook / Outlook Express
MS Exchange Server
MS Exchange at mail level
MS SQL Server
MS Sharepoint Server
MS Hyper-V Server
Oracle Database
IBM Domino server
IBM Notes client
ShadowProtect System
Automatic Backup
Continuous Data Protection for selected files / folders
Flexible backup schedule
Multiple schedules
Automatic restarting missed backup job
Optimized for Fast Off-Site Backup
In-File Delta block level incremental / differential backup
Secure Off-Site Protection
Dedicated user account and password for each client machine
Top of the class encryption
256-bit encryption
Encryption key definable by user
AES algorithm
TwoFish algorithm
Triple DES algorithm
128-bit SSL channel support
Easy to Use and Manage
Auto client side software upgrade pushed from server
Seed-load utility for copying large data onto backup server
Command line tool
Flexible retention policy
Simple (by day)
Advanced (by week, month, quarter, year, backup job or user defined policies)
Multiple backup sets
Logout reminder
Offline backup reminder
Filter files by extensions
Filter files / folders by any user defined patterns
Keep a local copy of the backup data
31 languages support
Run on Common Operating Platforms
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  Click on the platform icon to download the Whitestore Lite application Click on the platform icon to download the Whitestore Pro application
  Windows     Mac Windows     Mac     Unix

* It requires buying separately licensed modules.


Why to choose Whitestore?

  • completely cuts costs for acquisition and maintenance of backup system
  • operating costs fully under control
  • top security
  • maximum reliability
  • unlimited monitoring
  • simple administration
  • geographically separated storage locations

How Whitestore works?

The core of Whitestore system is a high-capacity storage placed in a secure data center with fast Internet connection. Primary storage is (just in case of failure) secured by a secondary data array, placed in geographically separate location.

Data transfer from customer to Whitestore system goes over Internet via Whitestore Lite rep. Whitestore Pro client installed on customer’s computer. This client automatically runs back up process based on its settings defined by customer.

Before your valuable data leaves your computer it is encrypted and it enters the Internet in an encrypted format. Transfer to the data center is perfectly safe and data is unreadable for others.

The computers which should be backed up must be switched on and connected to the Internet at the moment of scheduled back up. If it does not happen, Whitestore server sends an automatic e-mail to customer informing him about the back up process failure and the customer process the back up then on his own request.

Date restore is as follows: By user´s request is the encrypted data sent to the Whitestore Lite resp. Whitestore Pro client and the user is asked to enter encryption (decryption) key. If the correct key is entered, data is restored.


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